Ubuntu – How to edit the list of music library locations in Rhythmbox


I previously set Rhythmbox to include a few different locations.
Now following changes to my directory structure, I'd like to reflect these changes in Rhythmbox. But when I go to "Library Location", I see "Multiple locations Set" and I can only add to the list; no way to edit/remove.

I Googled this problem and the only relevant results I get date back to 2006, probably referring to a previous version of Rhythmbox and specifying components/locations that I can't find on my system.

Give a look at the documentation…kind of minimal.

Any clues?

Ubuntu 12.04
Rhythmbox 2.96

Best Answer

how to...

There are a couple of ways to edit the locations information - either graphically using dconf-editor or via the terminal using gsettings.

First the graphical way.

Install the package dconf-tools.

In the dash press Alt+F2 and type dconf-editor.

Navigate to the position shown in the picture and edit the locations field.

enter image description here

Note: this is a comma separated list with full path names starting with file:/// and must be defined with the [' ... ]'

Alternatively you can using gsettings from the terminal.

Get the current value of the locations field via:

gsettings get org.gnome.rhythmbox.rhythmdb locations

You should get an output similar to:

['file:///home/dad/Music', 'file:///home/dad/.ubuntuone/Purchased%20from%20Ubuntu%20One']

To set a new value of the field use the set syntax:

gsettings set org.gnome.rhythmbox.rhythmdb locations "['file:///home/dad/Music', 'file:///media/musiclibrary/mymusic']"