Ubuntu – How to drag from a background window to the front window

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Is the following I will explain possible with a key combination?

Here is the image:

enter image description here

As you can see, the terminal is the focus window (Front window) and Nautilus is in the background (Back Window). How can I grab a folder or file from Nautilus without loosing focus on the terminal (Without making the terminal go to the background and Nautilus to the front) and drop it in the terminal?. What I want is not to have to ALT+TAB again just to do this.

Options like resizing the windows to fit the screen are not what I am looking for. Like in the image, we have a fullscreen window that we want it to stay like that. We can drag the terminal window around but anytime I access the background nautilus window, I should not loose focus on the terminal (It should not go to the background every time I access Nautilus). Maybe like a key combination that freezes the current focus windows positions and I can drag from background windows to background windows or background windows to the front focused one.

Best Answer

Right-click on the Terminal title-bar and select Always On Top. You can now drag files from Nautilus to Terminal.