Ubuntu – How to download Youtube videos?


First i tried with youtube-dl and all the times ( and all days) for all videos it gives this same error:

youtube-dl http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zWwTTAc7O8
[youtube] Setting language
[youtube] 6zWwTTAc7O8: Downloading video info webpage
[youtube] 6zWwTTAc7O8: Extracting video information
ERROR: format not available for video

Then I tried minitube latest version. but it just cant open the video. it just keeps trying to open video. it is unable to even play or download any video.

Also in old days, whenever i play video in youtube.com that was automatically was saved in my /tmp. But that is also not happening these days.

What can I use for downloading Youtube videos? I am using Lucid 64 bit.

Edit1: I dont want to use any extensions to Firefox. I like my firefox without any extension. With extension it becomes soooooo slow and inactive.

Best Answer

You can use Mobile Media Converter, which will do this task with ease in 32 bit systems.

The producers haven't delivered yet a 64 bit version, but the 32 bit will download videos for youtube as in a native 32 bit system.

Nowadays they have released a 64 bit version right here.

Additionally, take a look at this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/27646/youtube-dl-error-please-help-in-this-to-resolve/27659#27659

Pasted here for your convenience:

If you are interested on obtaining the video take a look at this, other way look into another answer in order to see if you can solve your problem with youtube-dl. Thank you.

Notwithstanding that youtube-dl is great in a terminal, there are several ways to gather the videos from the youtube buffer, one of which is the usage of totem in order to play the video and then extract the buffered video from the /tmp folder.

In the past (and depending on how updated is your system: maybe your case), the buffered videos were saved into the /tmp folder also by some browsers (Google Chrome and Chromium Browser tested by me), but somehow after updating that behaviour simply stopped.

When watching the videos or simply by open it to allow the buffer to increase via web browser, now they are saved into the /home/USERNAME/.cache/google-chrome/Default/Cache folder. (where USERNAME is your username or home folder name).

As I said before, the usage of totem is yet observing this behaviour.

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