Ubuntu – How to download Ubuntu over an unreliable connection


I am trying to download the 64-bit Ubuntu 12.10 ISO over an extremely unreliable connection. By unreliable, I mean that every time I finish downloading the ISO and compare the MD5 hashes, I end up with an error about a mismatch.

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 to perform the download. Is there a tool that can somehow work around a very unreliable connection?

Best Answer

In my case my connection drops a lot and if trying to download the ISO directly I also end with a MD5 problem. What I recommend is downloading the ISO image through a torrent client.

That way, even while downloading, the torrent client checks to make sure it is OK. There is a good list of torrents to use but if you are in Windows or Mac, I suggest UTorrent. If you are doing this from an Ubuntu installed computer, Ubuntu comes with a default torrent client called Transmission Install transmission.

You can find the torrent download file in the ubuntu site just look for the file with the .torrent file extension.

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