Ubuntu – How to download specific ubuntu drivers for the pc


I am using HP Compaq Presario SG3650IL desktop PC. I am new to Linux so all I want to know that how to download specific drivers for my PC.

Best Answer

Let Ubuntu decide:

In GNOME Classic

  1. Select "System," "Administration," "Hardware Drivers."

  2. Click "Enable" to set your selected drivers to use and to include them in future system updates.

  3. Select "System," "Administration," "Update Manager" to scan your system for available software and hardware updates.

In Unity (the default interface)

Open the Dash and search for System Settings.

enter image description here

Open System Settings. In the window that comes up, click on Additional Drivers.

enter image description here

Alternatively, Ubuntu will automatically perform update scans on a regular basis to ensure that every part of the system is kept up to date with fixes for security and stability problems.

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