Ubuntu – How to download songs from Amazon’s Cloud Player


Using the latest Banshee (1.9.6) and the Amazon MP3 extension, I just bought an album, and it was copied to my Amazon Cloud Drive/Player. How do I download this to my computer? Banshee's Amazon MP3 does not seem to open the Amazon Cloud Player pages, and the Amazon Cloud Player website keeps asking me to use their downloader program (which didn't work, perhaps too old).

On a side note, I can download the files individually from the Amazon Cloud Drive website, but that is not an ideal solution. I want to click a few buttons, download the whole album at once, and import it into Banshee (like it used to, before the Cloud Drive stuff).

Best Answer

The .amz files downloaded from Amazon's Cloud Drive are actually (subtly) different than the .amz files downloaded from their .mp3 store. Banshee's Amazon downloader wasn't able to recognize and open these files in Banshee 1.9.6, but this has been fixed. The fix is in Banshee 2.0, which is in 11.04.

Downloading Music from Amazon Cloud Player in Banshee