Ubuntu – How to download music from YouTube and not the video film?


I want to know if is there any programme to download music from YouTube, not video, just audio, like DVDvideosoft in Windows.

Best Answer

A shell script called youtube-dl can do this in 1 step. It depends on ffmpeg, so you should install that first.

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
wget https://github.com/rg3/youtube-dl/raw/2012.02.27/youtube-dl 
chmod +x youtube-dl
./youtube-dl -t --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 YOUTUBE_URL_HERE

Extra information on choosing quality of download from YouTube, from the man page:

 -f FMT, --format=FMT
       Specify the video format (quality) in which to download the video.

       For youtube.com, in particular, the meaning of the format codes is given as:

       WebM video at 480p: 43
       WebM video at 720p: 45
       H264 video in MP4 container at 480p: 18
       H264 video in MP4 container at 720p: 22
       H264 video in MP4 container at 1080p: 37
       H264 video in FLV container at 360p: 34
       H264 video in FLV container at 480p: 35
       H263 video at 240p: 5
       3GP video: 17

       Note that not all videos are available in all formats and that other sites supported by youtube-dl may have different conventions for their video formats.

       By default, youtube-dl will download the best available format; if you want to download the worst format to save bandwidth and time, use "-f" worst.

So add -f 18 to get h264 mp4 at 480p