Ubuntu – How to do a batch downgrade of packages from one repo back to canonical


Ubuntu 15.10 x86_64
While trying to do an install of Bumblebee, I followed instructions to add the xorg-edgers PPA. A more recent tutorial advised against it. However, by then,it was already too late: several packages were already updated to the xorg-edgers versions.

I thought I might be able to go into Synaptic and force-version these packages back to Canonical. This worked for some packages, but it quickly turned into a dependency nightmare. Some downgrades wanted to uninstall other packages, and some (libegl1-mesa-dev), if elected to be downgraded rather than removed, threatened to uninstall nearly every package currently installed, including everything xorg.

Is there an easy way to roll back everything from a PPA back to Canonical?

**In response to "possible duplicate", removing the PPA wasn't the problem, but rather rolling back the packages without causing a firestorm of dependency problems proved most challenging. However,in the suggested answer, the solution to my question was also given; namely, the ppa-purge solution.

Best Answer

Yes, there is an easy way.

Just install ppa-purge

sudo apt-get install ppa-purge

Then you should run it against the PPA you added, in this case:

sudo ppa-purge ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa

It should disable the PPA and rollback any package updated from the PPA back to the ones in the Ubuntu official repository.


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