Ubuntu – How to disable windows minimization to the “Activities button” on Gnome


I'm using oneiric with gnome shell and Docky. The windows are minimizes to the "Activities" overview on the panel. How can I get the minimize effect for docky instead to the Activities?

Best Answer

I wanted to do the same but with frippery bottom panel, instead of the dock. The concept is the same though. I think you can edit this file:


I tried pinpointing the effect but the only thing I find here is this:

/* scale window down to 0x0.
     * maybe TODO: get icon geometry passed through and move the window towards it?

    let primary = Main.layoutManager.primaryMonitor;
    let xDest = primary.x;
    if (Clutter.get_default_text_direction() == Clutter.TextDirection.RTL)
        xDest += primary.width;

                     { scale_x: 0.0,
                       scale_y: 0.0,
                       x: xDest,
                       y: 0,
                       time: WINDOW_ANIMATION_TIME,
                       transition: 'easeOutQuad',
                       onComplete: this._minimizeWindowDone,
                       onCompleteScope: this,
                       onCompleteParams: [shellwm, actor],
                       onOverwrite: this._minimizeWindowOverwritten,
                       onOverwriteScope: this,
                       onOverwriteParams: [shellwm, actor]

If there were any other transitions, maybe it would be possible to substitute it. I could even settle for a fadeout transition. I just don't know where these variables are specified. I think the important lines are x: xDest, , y: 0, and transition: 'easeOutQuad',

If there's anybody willing to add to this or correct it, please help.