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I wanted to install skype but as I installed the software, it was not correctly installed and gave an error on update that I have to disable third party repository. I want to know what's that mean, how to disable it and doe this effect the system?

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You can disable third party repository by following any of two ways:

  1. Execute this command in terminal

    sudo software-properties-gtk

    In Software Sources window go to Other Softwares .tab and delete or uncheck the repositories listed there. First delete/uncheck the repositories except first four. If it doesn't solve your issue then Uncheck the first four also. Close and run sudo apt-get update

  2. You can also disable by following these steps:

    Ubuntu Software Center > Edit > Software Sources > Other Software tab > clear/uncheck the check-boxes. Follow the same rule as given in 1st method.

3rd part repository provides additional packages/software which are generally not available in default Ubuntu repository. So disabling it would not cause any issue.

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