Ubuntu – How to disable the WiFi using network-manager permanently


How to disable the wifi on boot? I'm using network-manager to manage the wifi connection and when I disable this, setting is temporary to the current session.
Exists therefore a method to make persistent settings for network-manager? thanks

Best Answer

It sounds like you want to right click on the network manager applet and select disable wireless, if this isn't being saved over your session then please report it as a bug:


If on the other hand you want to prevent your computer from automatically joining networks, then you must go into the network editing and either remove and uncheck the use automatically option for each network.

If you want to save power, then please use the advice in the guide mentioned by Mussnoon above, shutting off with rfkill will be most effective:

How can I keep a wireless card's radio powered off by default?

By running sudo nano /etc/rc.local add this:

rfkill block wifi

before the line exit 0