Ubuntu – How to disable screen dimming after inactivity when this is already disabled at system settings


When my Dell Vostro laptop is connected to the power, the screen is dimmed after 10 seconds. This is very annoying.

When my laptop is running on the battery, the screen is not dimmed after inactivity, this is what I want.

When I go to System settings → Screen, the Dim screen to disable power option is disabled.

How can I disable screen dimming after inactivity totally? I'm running 11.10.

When I create a new user account I don't have this problem. I have changed some settings with CompizConfig Settings Manager and with gconf, but I can't find timeout options for brightness.

Best Answer


You could try using caffeine. When you activate caffeine the screen wont fall a sleep or get dimmed, you can set it up in different ways.

  • You can find more info here, or on launchpad.
  • And install the program by typing sudo apt-get install caffeine