Ubuntu – How to disable mouse interference with Alt+Tab


I want to be able to use Alt+Tab or Alt+` to switch back to a previous window AND at the same time start moving the mouse to where I will be clicking, without it all switching to the wrong window just because I happen to move the mouse over the application switcher bar before I release the Alt key.

It is not so much a problem when swapping to the previous window I was using, but when I want to switch 2 or 3 windows back, this will often happen, and cause a break in concentration.

Any way to do disable this mouse interference?
Maybe via kernel re-compilation?

Best Answer

I don't think this is possible directly. The whole point of a graphical user interface is to use the mouse.

However, depending on your desktop environment you can change the style of the Alt-Tab switcher. For example in Cinnamon there are the Coverflow and Timeline styles for the Alt-Tab switcher where passing over with a mouse has no effect on the selected application. In Unity you may be able to change it by using the compiz setting manager (sudo apt install compizconfig-settings-manager and compiz-plugins-extra).