Ubuntu – How to Disable KDE Wallet and have “remember password” working


When I log into my system I have a KDE Wallet password dialog. When I disable it, some passwords as wifi or FTP accounts don't work any more, and the main problem – I dont have "remember password" any more.

For example I disable KDE Wallet, reboot, and I have no KDE Wallet dialog, but my WiFi can't connect, it doesn't ask for password, just "connecting", I give it 10 minutes, then delete (remove) the connection, after recreating it everything is fine.

Please help.
Kubuntu 12.04

Best Answer

I solved this issue by going into the network manager settings by clicking the wifi/network icon in the taskbar > Settings icon, and then from the networks screen that appears, I right-clicked my connection, clicked edit, and then under the "General configuration" tab, ticked the "All users may connect to this network" check box. When I restarted my computer, I wasn't asked to enter the kwallet password and connected to my network automatically.

Perhaps this solution may also solve the problem you are having with kwallet.

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