Ubuntu – How to disable ctrl + scroll zoom in Lubuntu or openbox


If are you in Google Chrome, Firefox or a software that have the zoom functionality, when you press CTRL + SCROLL UP/DOWN` or TOUCHPAD SCROLL the page increase/decrease the zoom how to disable it?

Best Answer

In your ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml or rc.xml at:

    <context name="Frame">
  1. set this:

    <!-- prevent that the browsers do zoom in/out when navigating with ctrl + scroll up/down -->
    <mousebind button="C-Up" action="Click" >
            <action name="Focus"/>
    <mousebind button="C-Down" action="Click" >
            <action name="Focus"/>
  2. Type openbox --reconfigure in terminal to check the changes, if the changes has broken it will validate.

It's all.

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