Ubuntu – How to determine where biggest files/directories on the system are stored

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I was wondering how do you know where the largest files in my system are stored.

For example—

Disk Space Used: 1GB
Java: 500MB
Java Percentage: 50% maybe represented in a pie chart. Maybe?

I know this maybe a feature overkill. I sometimes forget having stored things and wonder why my disk is so full.

So basically a command that will allow me to run on the file system and provide me with information on disk space used.

Please and thank you.

Best Answer

The Disk Usage Analyzer is available under Ubuntu > Accessories > Disk Usage Analyzer. It provides you with a snazzy pie graph showing what files and folders take up the most space:

enter image description here

The documentation on it is a little sparse, but you can find more information on the Ubuntu wiki, and the project page.

If you're interested in using the command line, there's du which is described here.