Ubuntu – How to customize the context menu in Nautilus


From time to time I come up with ideas of actions I'd like to have available in the context menu of Nautilus. How do I add them there? Is there something like a Thunar UCA plugin for Nautilus?

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This answer is outdated: a recently updated answer is this one.

App developers wanting to add their app's actions — see this page below, here and here.

Context menus of Nautilus used to be customizable by Nautilus extensions. Be warned that this link leads to archived doc; Gnome devs removed that documentation and no longer support that kind of customization. It may still work though.

You can also place plain shell scripts under the ~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts (~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts in early releases) directory, and they will appear in file context menu under Scripts submenu.

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