Ubuntu – How to customize desktop wallpaper slideshow


I spent some time and tried various things but nothing works.
Here's what I have tried so far (changing the slideshow manually):

  1. Making a new folder /usr/share/backgrounds/mywallpapers and add my
    own background-1.xml in there.
  2. Copying a bunch of my own wallpaper files into
  3. Copy /usr/share/backgrounds/Contest/background-1.xml to

I logged out and in and still no changes in Appearance app.

I have heard about Wallch but I don't want some app running in the background all the time. I'm not even sure Wallch will work with Gnome 3.
I also tried gnome-3-wp (Gnome 3 Wallpaper Slideshow app) but it just seems broken for Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric.

Anyone has a solution?

Best Answer

I think I'm late but...

I created an xml background (with full paths descriptions), and I've saved it at /usr/share/backgrounds/my-background.xml

then I edited /usr/share/gnome-background-properties/ubuntu-wallpapers.xml adding

<wallpaper deleted="false">
 <name>My background</name>

just saves the file and the new slideshow wallpaper is shown in appearences window

hope it works for you :D