Ubuntu – How to create swap partition on already installed ubuntu?


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i have already installed ubuntu 11.04 without any swap partition. Now i want to create swap partition which should be utilized by this os. i have tried creating one by partitioning but ubuntu can not use this swap memory and swap usage remains unused.
please tell me how to make it usable by ubuntu.

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see here How do I add a swap partition after system installation? your same situation

To create a swap partition after an Ubuntu installation create an empty partition that should have no holes. You can then format this partition with

sudo mkswap /dev/sdx

replacing sdx with your partition. Mount this partition as swap with

sudo swapon -U UUID

where UUID is that of your /dev/sdx as read from this

blkid /dev/sdx

Bind your new swap in /etc/fstab by adding this line:

UUID=xxx    none    swap    sw      0   0

If you want to use your swap for hibernating then you need to update the UUID in /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume with this content RESUME=UUID=xxx. Don't forget to sudo update-initramfs -u.

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