Ubuntu – How to create bootable Windows 7 USB on Ubuntu 16.04


I have a Windows 7 ISO which I'm trying to put on my USB to install Windows alongside ubuntu (I already know the steps to take to fix grub when I'm done) My problem is when I use unetbootin, it gets stuck on a screen that repeats automatic boot in 10 seconds infinitely, and I can't install winUSB on ubuntu 16.04.

I tried all the solutions and it works, but when I try to boot I get some error messages about realtek. Will post a screenshot when I get home.

I tried doing it for a third time and it worked, for some reason. So thanks.

Best Answer

  1. Go to 'Disks'.
  2. Select the USB drive.
  3. Restore the iso file from properties.

This worked for me.

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