Ubuntu – How to create a video DVD from vob files


I wanna burn a video DVD from existing .vob files that can be played in a home video player. I've burned one but it doesn't have sound. I tried with k3b (New video DVD Project) because Brasero doesn't have that option.

Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

You can do it via command-line :

  • Create a Folder called dvd.

  • Create two folders in that directory called :

    1. VIDEO_TS subdirectory.
    2. AUDIO_TS subdirectory.
  • copy the vob. and ifo. files to VIDEO_TS.

Using mkisofs to create a DVD video ISO image

mkisofs -dvd-video -o dvdimage.iso dvd/

Note: dvd/ is the directory that contains the VIDEO_TS subdirectory (and optionally an AUDIO_TS subdirectory).

The mkisofs command made an iso image dvdimage.isoand you can burn with brasero or k3b; the file name specified using the -o option. And the option -dvd-video was used to ensure that the ISO image has a DVD-Video compliant UDF file system. For more information, see: mkisofs --help


if you get this error :

INFO: no default video format, must explicitly specify NTSC or PAL
INFO: dvdauthor creating table of contents
ERR: no video format specified for VMGM

it seems you now need the environment variable VIDEO_FORMAT set to PAL or NTSC, so try :


if you get this error :

genisoimage: No such file or directory. Failed to open VIDEO_TS.IFO
genisoimage: Can't open VMG info for 'dvd/'.
genisoimage: Unable to parse DVD-Video structures.
genisoimage: Could not find correct 'VIDEO_TS' directory.
genisoimage: Unable to make a DVD-Video image.
- VIDEO_TS subdirectory was not found on specified location
- VIDEO_TS has invalid contents

The way I read these messages, it's not a genisoimage error, it's about a missing in file named VIDEO_TS.IFO in which genisoimage expects to find some data it calls "VMG info". VIDEO_TS.IFO is your information file for your menu (are configuration files with information about how to play exactly all video and audio content of DVD (including menus, subtitles, aspect ratio, languages etc.) , I'd guess it expects that file along with your VOB file, check your VIDEO_TS subdirectory or your directory sources to try to find that files.

The IFO file type is primarily associated with 'DVD Info File'. An info file associated with a .VRO video file. The .VRO file contains the video stream and the .IFO file contains various scene and timing information. This is different from a .VOB file where that information is included in the file. Several manufacturers use .VRO/.IFO files. If present, the file VIDEO_TS.IFO consists of control and playback information for the entire DVD. VIDEO_TS.IFO is known as VMGI (The Video Manager Information file). This file is required to be present on a DVD-compliant disc.

VIDEO_TS.BUP is a backup of the VIDEO_TS.IFO check if you have it and make a copy.

Tyìcaly DVD Structure

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