Ubuntu – How to create a root account


I just installed Ubuntu on my laptop and gave my name and a password for administrator account. Later in terminal I tried to create another user. It told me that only the root user can do it but i don't know to login as root and create a new user. In red hat i know how to, because I'm a red hat user. What should i do now
someone please help me.
i tried the codes

2  sudo apt-get install chromium-browser
3  mkusr general use
4  crusr general use
5  mkdir mukundan
6  adduser
7  exit
8  adduser
9  root
10  sudo apt install root-system-bin
11  --fix-missing?
12  run apt-get update
13  sudo apt install root-system-bin
14  mkdir
15  su root
16  su root 
17  su root
18  history

still nothing worked

Best Answer

The standard for Ubuntu is not to have an actual root user with its own password. This is done to minimize the risk of forgetting you're logged as root, and accidentally issuing a command that's harmless with user privileges, but will harm the whole system with root privilege.

The recognized alternative is sudo which generally allows a user account in the sudoers group to issue commands with root privilege. The password entry for sudo is remembered for a short time, but each following command requires typing sudo again, even if the password isn't reprompted.

This setup reduces overall system risk compared to having a root account, and doesn't block the admin user from doing anything that root could do.

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