Ubuntu – How to control internet access for each program


I would like to use a software to control which program may connect to the internet. I know that this behaviour is associated with the word "firewall", but some Linux users are very upset if somebody demands a Personal Firewall. I don't want to upset you by demand such a program.
I don't want to "secure ports" or other stuff a Personal Firewall promises on Windows. I looked into iptables but it does not fit my requirements.

I saw an excellent answer here ("How to block internet access for wine applications") but it's very uncomfortable to set this up.

Is there a software that asks for each program if it may access the internet?

Best Answer

There is a Perl script in the German Ubuntu forum (Google-translated to English) that seems to do that. I never tried it and I didn't take a closer look at the script, but maybe it works for you. The description is in German only so you may need a translation service (like Google Translate; see above).