Ubuntu – How to contact an Ubuntuforum administrator


I would like to contact a forum administrator and I don't want to log to my Ubuntu One account because I'm closing it.

So I can't log to my forum account and I'd like to close it too.

So, what can I do? 🙂

Thank you for your help.

Best Answer

This edit from a Forum Council member.

In order the preferred methods for contacting the Forum Council are

  1. Via the Resolution Centre where possible
  2. Via the Forum council mailing list ubuntu-forums-council@lists.ubuntu.com
  3. Via the #ubuntuforums channel on Freenode (if we are about)
  4. Via an Admin's launchpad page

You can find all Ubuntu Forums administrators in Launchpad. The page is here

You can contact them via Launchpad directly, click the username and "contact this user", but this requires a login in Launchpad. Additionally, as most of them are Ubuntu Members (I think this is a prerequisite) you can contact them by e-mail through the Ubuntu Members alias. The e-mail always is the username in launchpad (what is appears in browser's address bar) and @ubuntu.com (this is not a secret). This e-mail address is a forwarding alias to another address that the member opted when became Ubuntu Member.

Last but not least, the IRC is a great place on getting touch with lot of people. Connect in Freenode Server, the channel is #ubuntuforums . Drop your request there and hopefully someone who is an administrator will answer to you.

All above are not Official contact ways, are just my solution to your query. I mean if you use something of above and you'll not receive any answer, this is not a fault of UF administrators, or Canonical.