Ubuntu – How to connect to this wifi


I'm currently using Ubuntu 12.04.3… I have a BroadCom 4313 Wireless card… I have installed the proprietary driver from additional drivers application.

I'm able to connect to wifi in my home. But, in my college they have some firewall and need to configure their settings…

The details are in the intranet. So, I have attached it in Google Docs.


I even tried changing some settings. But, i'm unable to connect. (I haven't edited any code in ubuntu).

Can you please help me to configure my laptop to connect to wifi in my college??

Thanks in advance 🙂

Best Answer

Click the Network Manager icon in the panel, select 'Edit Connections', in the next window, select the wireless tab, and click 'Add'...

  • then give the new connection a name, and fill in the SSID:

Wireless tab

  • click the Wireless Security tab, change the settings according to the image below, and add the username and password

Wireless security tab

Hope it works.

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