Ubuntu – How to connect to a forticlient ssl-vpn via Terminal

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I need to connect my machine to a forticlient getaway but I don't know how to do it via terminal I don't mean the command to open the GUI, but the commands tho connect and disconnect assuming that I already have my vpn connection profiles configurated if it's there any command like:

fortissl connectionname on

or something like this:

fortissl (serverIP) (username) (password) (port) (example)

That should be nice as well I'm using ubuntu 18.10 and the foti app is Forticlient SSL-VPN

Basically I don't want to open the GUI anymore, just connect to the server via Terminal, then I'll be trying some bash things with that.

Best Answer

First download the Fortigate SSLVPN CLI

wget http://cdn.software-mirrors.com/forticlientsslvpn_linux_4.4.2328.tar.gz

If you have a direct secure source please share.

You need to uncompress the downloaded file:

tar -xzvf forticlientsslvpn_linux_4.4.2328.tar.gz

Install ppp (in case you don't have it):

sudo apt-get install ppp

Go to the installer setup dir:

cd ./forticlientsslvpn/64bit/helper

and run the setup file:

sudo ./setup.linux.sh 

go to the following dir

cd  forticlientsslvpn/64bit/

Finally you can connect whenever you want using this command:

./forticlientsslvpn_cli --server serveraddress:port --vpnuser username

For further information in forticlient CLI: https://kb.fortinet.com/kb/documentLink.do?externalID=FD41256

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