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I want to connect my TI-84 Plus to my Ubuntu 11.04 laptop. I use the organelle cables to connect it. The program tilp(2) didn't work or at least it didn't show my TI-84 Plus; I've tried to run it in root and in the normal way.

Best Answer

The libticables2-2 library supplied with Ubuntu 11.04 (and as of this writing, 11.10 too) supports the SilverLink cables only. I've just uploaded a patch which adds support for the TI-84+ calculator which is available in LP #747589.

Overview of the fix

  • Update the udev rules to avoid having to run the program as root
  • Adding yourself to the tilp group so you may use the device without running as root
  • Specify the calculator type to tilp

Instructions for installing tilp and getting it to work with the TI-84+:

  1. Install the tilp package and its dependencies like libticables2-2: sudo apt-get install tilp
  2. Download the patch:

  3. Apply the patch to the installed udev rules:

    sudo patch /lib/udev/rules.d/45-libticables.rules < new-devices-and-fixed-sysfs-warning.patch 
  4. Add yourself to the tilp group:

    sudo usermod -a -G tilp $USER
  5. Re-login to apply the group settings
  6. The TI-84+ uses an USB-A - USB-B connector which is called DirectLink. This should be detected automatically. Connect the calculator now to the computer. If you've previously had connected it already, disconnect and reconnect it.
  7. Now make known to tilp that you're using a TI-84+ calculator by running:

    tilp --calc=ti84+ --cable=DirectLink

    This will set the calc=TI84+ and cable_model=DirectLink in the ~/.tilp configuration file. After running the above command, it's sufficient to run just tilp in the future (using the application menu or by running the command directly).

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