Ubuntu – How to configure Touchegg on Ubuntu 14.04


how can I configure touchegg on ubuntu 14.04 and use the gestures instead of unity gestures
I have Dell xps L502x and synaptics trackpad

Best Answer

I have found a much easier solution: just create a file ".xprofile" in your home folder with the following content:

synclient ClickFinger3=0
synclient TapButton3=0

touchegg &

The first two lines are only needed if you want to use gestures with three fingers. If you leave them out, touchegg will only recongnize gestures with 4 or more fingers.

Alternatively, run the following command that does the same:

echo "synclient ClickFinger3=0
synclient TapButton3=0

touchegg &" > ~/.xprofile

Tochegg will also start on every boot. This worked for me on Ubuntu 15.04 and Ubuntu Gnome 15.04 and should work on any other Ubuntu version.