Ubuntu – How to configure the touchpad so that the cursor doesn’t move when I click


Just installed 12.04 LTS and I experience some problems with my touchpad. Everytime I tap/double tap, the cursor is moving around (not static as should be). For example if I want to close a window, I click on "x" button from touchpad, the cursor is moving and not always hit the "x" button. Touchpad buttons left click, right click are working well, but tap not. Did u guys experience the same problem? Is there something related to sensitivity? How to fix it?

PS: on Ubuntu 11.10 didn't had this issue

Best Answer

It looks like your touchpad still feels too much pressure when your finger is released.

If you are using synclient, you might try to increase the FingerLow value.

here is how I did with my computer:

$ synclient | grep FingerLow
    FingerLow      = 30
$ synclient FingerLow=35

Note that FingerLow cannot be higher than FingerHigh. So change this value as well if needed.

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