Ubuntu – How to configure Chrome to use the system installed Flash instead of the bundled one


I just updated to Chrome 20.0.1132.43 which includes Flash Since that update most of the flash videos I watch online will randomly display erratic behavior (skipping like a broken CD, "fast forwarding" at twice the frame rate with the audio being scrambled due to too fast playback, restarting every video after two seconds, fullscreen overlay being displayed but no image, fullscreen taking several seconds to actually show a picture, youtube player to go fullscreen but then hang in the controls fadeout animation with no picture -sound keeps playing).

Is there anything I can do to resolve or work around this?

I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 64Bit and the latest nvidia-current drivers 295.40 on a Geforce GT 440. It used to work in previous versions of Google Chrome.

Best Answer

I disabled the internal flash at Chrome to fix this problem for the moment.

Type about:plugins in the URL Bar. Then click on "Details". Disable the internal Flash plugin and use the plugin from the system (11.2)