Ubuntu – How to configure Alt+Tab and the launcher to only show apps in the current workspace


I don't like that when I press Alt+Tab I see all open apps in all workspaces. How can I see in the Alt+Tab menu and in the launcher only the programs that I am using in that particular workspace? I feel there's no point of using Alt+Tab and the launcher if you have opened lots of programs in different workspaces. Hope you understand, please help. Thank you very much.

Best Answer

I don't know how to do this with the default Unity switcher, but you could use one of the other switchers compiz offers: Shift Switcher, Ring Switcher, Application Switcher, Static Application Switcher. They are found under "Window Manager" in ccsm (CompizConfig Settings Manager). You can disable the Alt+Tab binding for the switcher in the "Unity Plugin" in ccsm, and enable one of these switchers and configure their bindings as you wish.

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