Ubuntu – How to configure alpine (pine) to open URL links with firefox

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In response to comments on running alpine, how do I "click" this link from the alpine MUA (Mail User Agent) running in gnome-terminal?

alpine line

Best Answer

For me, it "just works", alpine shows this:

Who should attend?
View selected URL "http://em.digium.com/NS00bKn400024hK0gQ00n3F" ?                                                                   
                      Y [Yes]                                     U editURL                                                          
^C Cancel             N No                                        A editApp                                                         

when the link is higlighted or selected with the arrow keys after pressing enter; a response of Y opens the link with Firefox for me.

There's likely a configuration in .pinerc which can be configured by pressing M S C from with alpine. Probably this:

  [ Viewer Preferences ]
      [ ]  Enable Message View Address Links                                     
      [ ]  Enable Message View Attachment Links                                  
      [X]  Enable Message View URL Links                                (default)
      [X]  Enable Message View Web Hostname Links                       (default)

should be sufficient.