Remove Samba – How to Completely Remove Samba on Ubuntu 11.10


How do I completely rip-out smb / samba from my Ubuntu 11.10 machine?

How do I, afterwards, reinstall it cleanly?

UPDATE: My goal is to rip out any functionality related to Windows SMB from my desktop and do a clean re-install of these components. See this question for some background.

Best Answer

So, for the server, from the Terminal:

sudo apt-get remove --purge samba
sudo apt-get install samba

But, if you are having client problems, it would be more like:

sudo apt-get remove --purge smbclient libsmbclient
sudo apt-get install smbclient libsmbclient


Note that this answer only applies to Ubuntu 11.10! More recent Ubuntus will probably remove useful software with the apt remove command, so be sure to check what is being removed and if needed "cherrypick" packages in synaptic or similar.

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