Ubuntu – How to compile format junkie


The ppa:hakermania/format-junkie is down, at least for me, is it possible to compile format junkie in 11.10? If so, how?

This is the list of files I have:

about.cpp                   error_logs.h          main.cpp
about.h                     error_logs.ui         mainwindow.cpp
about.ui                    formatjunkie.pro      mainwindow.h
audio_video_properties.cpp  glob.h                mainwindow.ui
audio_video_properties.h    icons.qrc             Pictures
audio_video_properties.ui   image_properties.cpp  preferences.cpp
data                        image_properties.h    preferences.h
error_logs.cpp              image_properties.ui   preferences.ui

Best Answer

(I am hakermania)

Format Junkie official PPA is now located at: https://launchpad.net/~format-junkie-team/+archive/release and the available versions are for 12.04 and 12.10 only, so if these do not work for you, then you will need to compile the source code for your system (sorry for this but we cannot add support for the latest 5 ubuntu releases, that would be a lot more work for us in each of the releases). Compiling Format Junkie with the files you have should be as simple as:

qmake formatjunkie.pro

but make sure you have all the build dependencies (check the file debian/control located at the .debian.tar.gz archive).

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