Close One Window of an Application – Command Line Guide

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I know that if I get the sid through :

ps -ax | grep firefox

and use :

kill -9 "sid"

I will close all the windows of the program.

How can I close only one window of an application running through the terminal?

Best Answer

Probably the easiest option is using wmctrl -c. You might have to install it first:

~$ sudo apt-get install wmctrl

then to close a window named "example" (no matter what application it belongs to), use the command:

~$ wmctrl -c "example"

More options

However, there are many more options to close a specific window, depending on your "angle of incidence".

A few examples:

  1. To close a specific window by clicking on it:

    ~$ wmctrl -c :SELECT:
    [then click on the window to be closed]
  2. To close a specific window by its numeric id:

    ~$ wmctrl -ic <numeric_id>
  3. To close the active window:

    ~$ wmctrl -c :ACTIVE:
  4. To use the pid to get a list of windows, owned by a specific application (e.g. gedit):

    ~$ pidof gedit
    ~$ wmctrl -l -p | grep 22576
    0x04600085  0 22576  jacob-System-Product-Name (~/Bureaublad) - gedit
    0x0461aee4  0 22576  jacob-System-Product-Name verhaal (~/Bureaublad) - gedit
    0x0461b0a1  0 22576  jacob-System-Product-Name *Niet-opgeslagen document 1 - gedit

    then close the specific window by either:

    wmctrl -c


    wmctrl -ic 0x04600085
  5. If you know only part of the window name, e.g. there is a window; monkey eats banana.txt, you know it has banana in its name,

    • first bring the window to front:

      wmctrl -a banana
    • then decide if you want to close the window (as active window for example)

options are numerous, see also man wmctrl. man wmctrl