Ubuntu – How to clear DNS cache in 18.04


Please don't flag this question as a duplicate because I really need your help. I once used OpenDNS in my router to block some websites & now I'm stuck with at whatever I do. I have already removed OpenDNS from my router & tried half of the commands suggested in other question but none of them work for me. Most of the websites which deal with a proxy, adult content etc. are all blocked & I'm requesting for a solution.

Best Answer

This should clear it

# sudo systemd-resolve --flush-cache

You can check with

# sudo systemd-resolve --statistics
  • it should show 0 in Current cache size

    DNSSEC supported by current servers: no
    Current Transactions: 0
    Total Transactions: 93750
      Current Cache Size: 0
      Cache Hits: 18686
    Cache Misses: 28576
    DNSSEC Verdicts
          Secure: 0
        Insecure: 0
           Bogus: 0
    Indeterminate: 0
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