Steam – How to Change Game Installation Location?


I have a Lenovo u410 laptop. My recent install broke, so I reinstalled with 13.04 daily. It's on a 30GB primary SSD, and I want to offload large files to the 1TB hard drive that also resides in my system.

I installed steam and it defaulted to my SSD as expected. Is there anything special I would have to add to the fstab for my second ext3 HDD? Is this as simple as symlinking to a directory on the hard disk?


I mounted my hard drive disk as /home in fstab. Since it's now ext4 steam installs games and dependencies there by default.

Best Answer

When you click on a game to install it on the first window that pops up there will be a drop down menu. On here you have a choice to install on the default directory or to create a new library.

Install dialog

When you choose to install in a new directory you will get a choice of where to install.

Choose a directory

I hope this helps.

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