Ubuntu – How to change volume of pulseaudio playback apps and streams that aren’t currently in use


I can change sound volumes with "gnome-volume-control ". But there are listed only playback-apps / -streams that are currently in use:


In ~/.config/pulse/ I found *-stream-volumes.tdb and *-device-volumes.tdb that could be the configuration files but I am unable to read or edit these files.

Best Answer

I wrote a small tool that lets you set the volume of any client that pulseaudio remembers. Please see here:


for the repository. You will need the libpulse-dev package installed after which a simple "make" should build the tool. Please see its README.md file for usage.

dpkg -l | grep libpulse-dev # Check if installed
git clone git@github.com:rhaas80/pa_volume.git
cd pa_volume/
./pa_volume # list remembered PA clients
./pa_volume Program 30 # set to 30%