Ubuntu – How to change the Unity launcher delay


I find the sidebar to appear and disappear terribly slow. How can I change the delay?

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For 11.04 (Natty):

The Unity delay is intentional (Ayatana-Design bug 754583) but can be changed.


You can change the edge delay of Compiz:
“General Options” → “General” → “Edge Trigger Delay”: set to 0.


You can change this delay and other settings.

At the end of the answer by Octavian Damiean you will find this:

Launcher & Menus (unity-preferences)

There is another option to configure how to show the launcher then it is hidden.

  1. Open the Launcher & Menus configuration utility by pressing Alt + F2 and typing unity-preferences.


    • Pushes the left edge of the screen will make the launcher appear about one second after pushing the cursor to the left edge of the screen.

    • Touches the top left corner of the screen will make the launcher appear immediately when the cursor touches the top left corner of the screen.

  2. Select the desired option.


This is a workaround for “absolute zero” delay.

  1. We will need XDoTool and Compiz.

    You can install these from the Ubuntu Software Center or by clicking xdotool Install xdotool and Compiz Install Compiz.

  2. Open Compiz (Alt + F2, type ccsm and hit Enter).

  3. Go to Commands and add xdotool key super to one command.

    screenshot showing xdotool key super added as command 9

  4. Then go to Edge Bindings and choose “Left” for that command.

    screenshot showing that Left is selected for command 9