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If one's internet connection is being limited by a unit that restricts the transfer, how would one be able to change a setting related to it – more specifically the MTU

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What is MTU?

Your MTU - also known as the Maximum Transmission Unit - value is a restriction set to have a limit of the amount of data that may be sent per packet. You can check more details by visiting the Wikipedia Page.

How do I check and edit the MTU?

The way you can check your Maximum Transmission Unit is by accessing the Wireless Settings via the indicator on the panel at the top of your desktop.

Click on wireless indicator, and then select 'Edit Connections...' from the menu.

You will see a line of tabs:

line of tabs

And should select the one which holds the Internet connection you're having trouble with. For this example, I have made a fake Internet connection. The settings should be the same for all types of connections.

Select the connection you're having trouble with, and click 'Edit'.

Wired Connection 1 and Edit

By pressing edit, the following window will pop up:


You should then check the MTU value. If it is not on Automatic, you may want to change this.



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If your data is larger than the MTU, then it is simply split up into multiple packets.

Thanks to Andrew for clarifying and correcting