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I'm trying to change the icon for application/x-hwp files. I've added the icons to the proper places, and checked it with assoGiate (after reading this thread). It shows that my desired icon is associated with the file type. Nevertheless, Nautilus is still showing the old icon. How can I make Nautilus show the correct icon?

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Here is a set of instructions that should get you a custom icon for hwp files.

Open a terminal :

  • Check the MIME type exists : grep 'hwp' /etc/mime.types

    if you get an output resembling application/x-hwp hwp skip the next step.

  • Create the MIME type sudo -H gedit /etc/mime.types and add the line application/x-hwp hwp

  • Add the icon (which must be called application-x-hwp.svg):

    sudo cp PathToIcon/application-x-hwp.svg /usr/share/icons/gnome/scalable/mimetypes

    (don't forget to replace PathToIcon)

Got the information from here

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