Ubuntu – How to change the “Default” password


here's my problem. When I log in I'm beeing asked for a password connecting to the internet which is strange because I'm the only user and the admin. I have auto log in and it never asks for passwords, (except when i do administrative tasks.)
I have looked in the menu (System –> preferences, but i can't find any topic that say's passwords or similar. the only place where I have found a way to change my password is my user ((System –> preferences –> user and groups).
I did try to take screenshots but nothing happened, which also is strange.

I'm running ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop on my Asus 1201n (12").

Best Answer

It's also possible that since your using auto-login, you might be hitting another problem - sometimes network manager doesn't seem to save the WEP/WPA key properly. You can usually get round this by opening the connection and changing it "available to all users".

So, right click on network manager, choose "Edit Connections". Find your connection, and choose "Properties", then tick the "Available to all users" box at the bottom.

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