Ubuntu – How to change the default desktop icon size


How to change the size of desktop icons? I tried gconf-editor as given at How to change desktop icon size? .

I am not getting the option for changing size at app > nautilus > icon_view.

I am using Ubuntu 11.10. Kindly help me in changing default icon size.

I want to make them small.

Best Answer

Right click on the icon, and then you will see an option to resize the icon. At least, in 12.04 it works.

For changing the default icon size: In Nautilus (eg your personal folder) > Edit > Preference > tab Views > under Icon View Default change the Default Zoom level.

But this change the size of all the icons inside Nautilus.

But in Nautilus you can change the icon size in a particular folder by View > Zoom in, to get the normal size of the icon in that folder, and this will be remembered after a restart.

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