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I don't like the default Dash Button (also known as BFB in short of "Big Freakin Button") in Unity Launcher. It's pretty inconsistent with Faenza icon theme and I would like to change it. How can I do that?

Dash Button in Unity Launcher

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It is configurable. The unity icons are in /usr/share/unity/4. Please browse this folder with the file manager to see the thumbnails.

Here is an example to change the look of the default dash home:

cd /usr/share/unity/4
sudo mv squircle_base_54.png squircle_base_54.png.orig
sudo mv squircle_shine_54.png squircle_shine_54.png.orig
sudo cp round_outline_54x54.png squircle_base_54.png
sudo cp round_shine_54x54.png squircle_shine_54.png

Log out and log back in. You will see the new dash home.

enter image description here

Definitely more customization could be done as long as you replace the correct files. Please backup the original files before making the changes.

BTW, maybe you have the question: how do you know the solution? I hit the same problem and tried to search all related files:

sudo find / -type f -iname "*dash*"
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