Ubuntu – How to change the color of the text in a terminal embedded in GEdit


I am having trouble using the terminal in GEdit since the text-color is white on gray background. I can not find an option to change anything for that terminal anywhere. How can I change it? N.B. The python terminal is fine.

Obligatory screenshot:

Notice the unreadable text in the terminal below

Best Answer

I figured it out myself. Questions seems to be so unpopular that I received the "Tumbleweed bagde". Awesome!

  1. Open dconf-editor
  2. Navigate to org - gnome - gedit - plugins - terminal
  3. Change the values background-color and foreground-color (this is the text color) to your liking
  4. Also make sure to untick the use-theme-colors box. (Thanks to comment by Hibou57)

Since a picture says more than a thousand words:

Dconf-editor entry for gedit