Ubuntu – How to change the auto-hide function of Launcher to work better?


I'm new to Ubuntu, 11.10 was the first version of Ubuntu I used, it was very good.

I've just made a new install of 12.04 (clean install, not upgrade), it's also very good too but the auto-hide function of launcher is really annoying, it doesn't show up when I move the mouse (or even click many times) to its area on the left. Does anyone else experience this problem? Is there a way to overcome this? Thank you.

Best Answer

1) It is NOT about how hard you push the mouse cursor to the screen edge, but how far you push it. To be able to reveal the launcher, you must continuously push the cursor against the edge to reveal it.

2) To fix the launcher reveal sensitivity:

a. Install then start "CompizConfig Settings Manager"

b. Navigate to "Desktop" -> "Ubuntu Unity Plugin" -> "Experimental" tab

c. Find the string "Launcher Reveal Pressure"

d. The default is 20, change it to 8 (or whatever you prefer)

e. You don't have to close CCSM to apply the changes. Keep changing the value till you are satisfied with the result, then close CCSM.

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