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I use Ubuntu-Gnome 13.04 and I can't change system language.
I set it to Polish with "language & regions".
It was though because there is no option for adding so i installed:



then i could pick it in "language & regions" and then reboot.
However this didn't solve my problem
I also change it with gnome-language-selector and still got english.

Please help, because if the language is other than polish i will have to switch back to windows.
I like the gnome3.

Best Answer

Obviously the language support tools are still incomplete in Ubuntu GNOME. Desktop Help states the following:

Select your desired language. If your language is not listed click : at the bottom of the list to select from all available regions or languages.

Only after selecting a language there clicking on Done has no effect.

To have the language selection back in the form it is installed in other releases we have to install language-selector-gnome Install language-selector-gnome. After we did so, we will have an additional icon "Language Support" in our System Settings from where we can install any supported language by choosing "Install/Remove Languages":

enter image description here

Drag the interesting language to the top of the list. Select "Apply System Wide" to also have this language at log in, and system wide.

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