Ubuntu – How to change keyboard layout in Lubuntu 15.10


I have recently upgraded my PC from Lubuntu 14.10 to 15.10. Before the upgrade my keyboard layout matched my Danish keyboard. But after the upgrade I probably have a standard English/US layout.

  • Preferences/Language Support, doesn't let me configure the keyboard layout.
  • Preferences/Keyboard and Mouse, only let me configure stroking delay and similar.

I don't know about iBus and fcitx, as far as the tooltip infomation tells me, its for more complex languages such as Chinese.

I don't have a US icon in the taskbar, no keyboard and/or language icon at all.

Things I have tried:

  • Running the following in a terminal works, but only until the next reboot:

    setxkbmap -layout dk
  • I got the following parameter in the file /etc/default/keyboard:

  • Installing and running the app Lxkeymap changes the keyboard to Danish when I run it, but rebooting will change the layout back to US.

I don't want anything fancy, I just want to set my keyboard layout to Danish. How can I do that?

Best Answer

Some googling and a test led me to this:

Right click the panel -> Add / Remove Panel Items -> Add -> Keyboard Layout Handler

That adds an icon to the panel, and by right clicking it and selecting "Settings", a GUI tool for managing keyboard layouts shows up.

To add languages, "keep system layout" should be unchecked.

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