Desktop Environments – How to Capture Code::Blocks Screenshot


I'm trying to make some notes of Code::Blocks with wxWidgets. I have a wxChoice box on the screen. With the list collapsed (i.e., unexpanded) I can get a screenshot of the form.

However, with it expanded (i.e., when I click on the choice box and the list is seen) the screenshot does not work. I tried ALT+PrintScreen as well as just PrintScreen alone. Nothing works.

Is this a restriction or is there a way around this?

My platform: Ubuntu 12.04, Code::Blocks 10.05


Here's the screenshot without the Choices expanded (the form is totally meaningless – it's only for proof of concept).

enter image description here

Best Answer

You need to time it because the keyboard focus is (at that moment) fixated on the menu, so it does not recognize you when you press the Screenshot button (For me this needs fixing. Not very intuitive.).

For this cases I don't go far, I use the screenshot utility that comes by default with Ubuntu. Simply open it and:

enter image description here

Set the option that says Grab after a delay of to how many seconds you need to open the options menu you are building. The end result will be similar to any sub-menu, something like this:

enter image description here

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