Ubuntu – How to burn the Windows 10 ISO to a USB


I did the dd method and it wrote the iso to the USB drive, but I'm not sure that's all I have to do because it is Windows and may not have GRUB and I'm not sure so I'm asking the experts.

winusb does not work for Windows 10 so this is different from earlier questions.

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I tried all the ways in this thread and none worked (and seriously, the question is about specifically writing to an USB key, why would people propose copying the ISO to another partition instead ??).

The solution that did the trick for me (assuming your USB drive is /dev/sdc):

  • Run gparted
  • Create a new partition table on sdc, type msdos
  • Create a NTFS partition, set the boot flag on it
  • Extract the iso (can be done with 7z x windows10.iso)
  • Copy the content (via cp, rsync, a GUI, whatever) to the mounted NTFS partition (certainly /dev/sdc1)

  • The last, critical step, taken from this post : https://superuser.com/a/817656/248812 is :

    sudo ms-sys -7 /dev/sdc.

    ms-sys is available in a ppa : https://launchpad.net/~lenski/+archive/ubuntu/ms-sys

Without ms-sys, blinking cursor on boot when the USB key is inserted.

With it, windows logo shows up.

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